Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm going to be a blogger!!! Wait, is that the word?!

Well here I am.
Starting a blog. I really have no idea how this works, or who will read this.
I have always wanted to be a blogger but never felt I had anything important to blog about.
Now I do.
My husband and I are expecting our first bundle of joy in January!
I figured creating this blog would be a great way journal our experiences so we can look back and remember this exciting and extremely terrifying time in our growing families lives. It might even help prevent me from ever deciding to have another baby. Because as I have learned in my short experience of carrying a child, pregnancy is rough on a body and only the crazy ladies out there would ever have a desire to do this again!
This blog is partly for my own sanity, but I also hope that I can share with others my story of becoming a mom and hopefully gain some words of wisdom along the way.

Oh, just a heads up. I was planning to start this blog in May when I found out I was pregnant. So in the next day or so I am going to be playing catch up on some of what has happened since finding out I'm pregnant through the first trimester. It's true I am one of the worlds best procrastinator.

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  1. So excited for y'all!!!! And looking forward to reading your blog!