Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Trimester

You should all feel very lucky.
Not many people get to skip through the first trimester (sorry ahead of time for the super long post, but I'm playing catch up)!
For me the first trimester flew by! I actually had a pretty easy run.
The Monday after we found out we were expecting we made a doctors appointment with our usual doc, to make sure we were really having a baby.
It was a pretty quick appointment.
They did all the normal weight, blood pressure, height checks and then made me pee in a cup. Ugh. More peeing. 
Little did I know peeing in a cup at every appointment after finding out your pregnant is normal!
Anyways, the doc told us exactly what we already knew "You are going to be parents!" She gave us an estimated due date, I was about 4 or 5 weeks pregnant. Then we were off on our merry way! Now to find an OBGYN!
We didn't search very long, the husband's brother and our sister-in-love had a great recommendation (they had their first baby last September) and since we don't have much experience in the baby having department we called her up and set an appointment for May 31st. A few weeks away.
Now this wait felt like forever! For one. I didn't even feel pregnant! I felt pretty  good.I kept thinking that maybe all those pregnancy test and the doc were wrong and I wasn't preggers!
Finally! It was May 31st and we were nervously sitting in the waiting room. Waiting. And filling out about a million pages of our medical history! My mom joined us on this adventure because she's already the best grandma! It was a pretty easy appointment. Met our doc (who is fantastic), she made us feel super welcomed and eased pretty much all our nerves.
During this appointment we had the first glimpse of our little bean, baby JAM and it was incredible! Ohh, JAM is our initials, and baby is being called "baby JAM" until we find out what we are having and can agree on a name.
Baby JAM was about the size of a blueberry, so tiny! Baby JAM's heart was maybe the size of a needle point, but just thumping away. It was so beautiful. I was in awe, so were the husband and mom. I'm glad they were both there to experience this with me.
Doc told me I was 7weeks 2days along, Due date was January 15th!

Week 8-14 went about the same.
(This is were I am a little confused, does the second trimester start at the beginning or end of your 14th week?! I think whoever decided what weeks correlate with trimester dates was trying to confuse us pregnant ladies! )
We had one more appointment during this time and it was pretty boring. They pretty much just made sure everything looked healthy, asked how I was feeling, asked if we had any concerns and we were done!
During this appointment we also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time! It was pretty neat! Baby Jam's heartbeat measured at 165 (old wives tale says higher heartbeats = girl, guess we will see). I wish I knew how to describe the sound, it was kind of like a swish, swish, swosh! 

Here is a quick recap of what being preggers was like for me during these weeks...

Food Cravings: LIME! Anything lime flavored! Lime slushes, snow cones, limeades, I had to stop myself from eating a whole lime! Chips and salsa, and cheese were also on the top of my list. Ohh and avocados, with lime of course!

Food that's Gag Worthy:  Pancakes. Banana nut bread. Gag.

Symptoms: I had some all day queasiness for a few weeks and lost my food a few times, but nothing too awful. I felt pretty lucky to make it through the first trimester without any all day sickness. I also developed this crazy rash type thing all the way down my legs that itched like CRAZY! Doc said I was allergic to something, it eventually cleared up on it's own. I was pretty miserable for almost 2 weeks. Never found out what I was allergic to, maybe it was the parasite of a baby that was sucking all the energy out of me! I was exhausted through the whole first trimester, and avoiding caffeine was killing me! I would have slept all day if I could.

My body: I could feel my stomach slowly expanding and getting harder and one really nice thing (NOT) was the hair that was also starting to grow on my stomach. Pretty gross and the husband let me know this! Ohh and hello there boobs! Yes, those were also growing and a little sore.

My bump: At about 14 weeks, is it a bump yet?!

So there you have it! A quick (kind of) recap of what happened during my first trimester. I can tell you at this point I didn't feel very pregnant and was still kind of waiting for it all to sink in! When will it sink in?! I was overwhelmed by all the things a baby needed. Along with all the things I should/shouldn't be doing. And what I should/shouldn't be eating. All I really know is being pregnant is exhausting.

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  1. Oh, and that hair doesn't go away :-/ lovely huh? I can't tell if there's a bump yet, could be just a shadow...