Monday, August 15, 2011

Darn Pregnancy Brain!

Did you know that forgetfulness and foggy memory is a symptom of being pregnant?
Maybe it's so us ladies don't remember all the crazy things are body goes through while we are carrying a child.
My goal is to start updating this every week, because my prego brain is really foggy now days and I can't remember what happened last night not to mention everything that has happened the last few weeks.
Especially things that are worth sharing.
Hopefully I can stick to that from now on.
Wish me luck!

Week 15-17
These few weeks have been great, I'm feeling really good!
I'm beginning to think maybe this pregnancy thing isn't as bad as I initial thought it was going to be. Of course I am in the 2nd trimester and that's suppose to be the easiest and so far it holds true to that and really has been pretty easy.
Sure I'm getting fat, living in a fog, and a little uncomfortable but what the heck, I'm growing a human so I guess it's worth it! Right?
(Ask me this again in a month or so.)
About week 16 I thought I started to feel a little bit of baby flutters, could it be baby? Or am I imagining this? I don't know really, I'm not even sure what to feel for! But I like to think it is Baby JAM!
It comes and goes now.
If I lay really still I can feel it more then if I am moving around.
At one point in the last few weeks I was leaning over and I felt a tiny"tap tap" a little under my belly button! It was like baby was saying "MOM! Your squishing me!"
It's piece of mind for me to think that it is baby moving around and growing!! Even though I know this could mean more pain, I'm am definitely ready to be able to feel Baby JAM more!
I feel like I'm a little in the limbo stage, I am starting to show more but some days I still don't really feel all that pregnant, or what I thought being pregnant would feel like.
I'm sure this won't last too much longer. I guess I should enjoy it while I can.

So yesterday I did something I never ever saw myself doing so soon.
Or maybe that I didn't ever want to do.
I bought maternity clothes.
Thats right.
Maternity clothes.
Maternity clothes are something I think a lot of women dread, mostly because there are not very many cute options for us ladies who end up having massive bellies and huge boobs. I just kept thinking about the oversize sweaters and overalls my mom wore when she was pregnant (sorry mom).
But I was running out of options for work clothes and really needed some that were more comfortable and not so tight in the tummy area.
So I caved and went shopping with my mom for a few staple work pieces.
Much to my surprise there are some pretty cute outfits for the preggers these days!
As I slipped on the first pair of pants and pulled up that massive elastic band that goes all the way up to my chest, I actually felt like I could wear them.
Or at least get used the them!
The longer I had them on the more they grew on me.
Honestly, I think they are way more roomy and comfortable then those low rider, tight pants I'm used to wearing.
I might never stop wearing them!!
The hubby and I are also playing the "name game" a lot now.
Picking the right name for Baby JAM is freaking me out a little. Okay it's freaking me out A LOT!
I mean it's going to be his or her name forever! We need the right one.
I think I am too indecisive for this part of the baby planning.
It's going to be hard enough deciding on how to decorate the nursery.
Names are impossible and really feel like this baby with just be "Baby JAM" forever.
Especially when the husband thinks names like "Pudge" (after his favorite baseball player) are acceptable.  

More on the bambino and myself the last few weeks...

Food Cravings: Lime. Still. It's so good I just can't stop eating lime flavored treats! I know this sounds odd, but I've been squeezing fresh lime juice onto sonic ice (yes, it has to be sonic) and just eating it like that! So refreshing!! Hey. Don't judge me. I also have been craving more chocolate, mostly cookies. I'm trying to limit these though!

Food that's Gag Worthy: Nothing really. I think everything in my stomach is so squished together it makes me sick if I eat to much. But nothing out of the ordinary sounds bad anymore.

Symptoms: Headaches, I knew it wouldn't be long until these suckers hit. Also, lots of stretching and pulling in my lower pelvic area. Growing pains making room for baby! It's pretty uncomfortable sometimes. Sleeping is more difficult because of it, I can't seem to get comfortable! Not to mention getting up every few hours to potty. This won't ever stop will it?

My body: My stomach is definitely growing! I have a noticeable (well at least to me) baby bump. Sometimes I feel like people who see me think I might have just had too many burgers and fries, but it's a bump and I'm embracing it! I haven't really notice anything else on my body growing the last few weeks and for that I am thankful!

 My bump: 17 weeks. I say that's a baby bump, what do you think?!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Trimester

You should all feel very lucky.
Not many people get to skip through the first trimester (sorry ahead of time for the super long post, but I'm playing catch up)!
For me the first trimester flew by! I actually had a pretty easy run.
The Monday after we found out we were expecting we made a doctors appointment with our usual doc, to make sure we were really having a baby.
It was a pretty quick appointment.
They did all the normal weight, blood pressure, height checks and then made me pee in a cup. Ugh. More peeing. 
Little did I know peeing in a cup at every appointment after finding out your pregnant is normal!
Anyways, the doc told us exactly what we already knew "You are going to be parents!" She gave us an estimated due date, I was about 4 or 5 weeks pregnant. Then we were off on our merry way! Now to find an OBGYN!
We didn't search very long, the husband's brother and our sister-in-love had a great recommendation (they had their first baby last September) and since we don't have much experience in the baby having department we called her up and set an appointment for May 31st. A few weeks away.
Now this wait felt like forever! For one. I didn't even feel pregnant! I felt pretty  good.I kept thinking that maybe all those pregnancy test and the doc were wrong and I wasn't preggers!
Finally! It was May 31st and we were nervously sitting in the waiting room. Waiting. And filling out about a million pages of our medical history! My mom joined us on this adventure because she's already the best grandma! It was a pretty easy appointment. Met our doc (who is fantastic), she made us feel super welcomed and eased pretty much all our nerves.
During this appointment we had the first glimpse of our little bean, baby JAM and it was incredible! Ohh, JAM is our initials, and baby is being called "baby JAM" until we find out what we are having and can agree on a name.
Baby JAM was about the size of a blueberry, so tiny! Baby JAM's heart was maybe the size of a needle point, but just thumping away. It was so beautiful. I was in awe, so were the husband and mom. I'm glad they were both there to experience this with me.
Doc told me I was 7weeks 2days along, Due date was January 15th!

Week 8-14 went about the same.
(This is were I am a little confused, does the second trimester start at the beginning or end of your 14th week?! I think whoever decided what weeks correlate with trimester dates was trying to confuse us pregnant ladies! )
We had one more appointment during this time and it was pretty boring. They pretty much just made sure everything looked healthy, asked how I was feeling, asked if we had any concerns and we were done!
During this appointment we also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time! It was pretty neat! Baby Jam's heartbeat measured at 165 (old wives tale says higher heartbeats = girl, guess we will see). I wish I knew how to describe the sound, it was kind of like a swish, swish, swosh! 

Here is a quick recap of what being preggers was like for me during these weeks...

Food Cravings: LIME! Anything lime flavored! Lime slushes, snow cones, limeades, I had to stop myself from eating a whole lime! Chips and salsa, and cheese were also on the top of my list. Ohh and avocados, with lime of course!

Food that's Gag Worthy:  Pancakes. Banana nut bread. Gag.

Symptoms: I had some all day queasiness for a few weeks and lost my food a few times, but nothing too awful. I felt pretty lucky to make it through the first trimester without any all day sickness. I also developed this crazy rash type thing all the way down my legs that itched like CRAZY! Doc said I was allergic to something, it eventually cleared up on it's own. I was pretty miserable for almost 2 weeks. Never found out what I was allergic to, maybe it was the parasite of a baby that was sucking all the energy out of me! I was exhausted through the whole first trimester, and avoiding caffeine was killing me! I would have slept all day if I could.

My body: I could feel my stomach slowly expanding and getting harder and one really nice thing (NOT) was the hair that was also starting to grow on my stomach. Pretty gross and the husband let me know this! Ohh and hello there boobs! Yes, those were also growing and a little sore.

My bump: At about 14 weeks, is it a bump yet?!

So there you have it! A quick (kind of) recap of what happened during my first trimester. I can tell you at this point I didn't feel very pregnant and was still kind of waiting for it all to sink in! When will it sink in?! I was overwhelmed by all the things a baby needed. Along with all the things I should/shouldn't be doing. And what I should/shouldn't be eating. All I really know is being pregnant is exhausting.

I'm pregnant?!

Finding out I was pregnant was overwhelming to say the least.
It was Mother's Day May 8,2011. I know! I found out on Mother's Day!
How Ironic.
I woke up that morning and the husband was at work, so I decided I would just take a test and see to ease my mind. I really didn't think I was pregnant but Aunt flow was late and I figured "what the heck?!"
So here comes the exciting part.
I basically peed on a pregnancy test and wham bam two blue lines appeared and there I was. Pregnant.
I've heard some people say it took for ever to wait those few minutes to see what the result was, but I felt like it was only a few seconds.
And here is where I freak out.
My hands started to shake, I felt a flood of emotions rush through me. I was terrified, ecstatic, nervous, and nauseated all at the same time!
That's when I decided I should call the husband and let him know what just happened.
I know, I know. Over the phone while he was at work was probably not the best way to tell him he was going to be a dad, but at that moment in time I felt like he had to be suffering this crazy emotional state with me.
So while still standing in the bathroom, holding the pregnancy test, I picked up my phone and dialed his number. I didn't even have anything clever to say to him, so as soon as he picked up I just spit out..
"Uhhhh...I took a pregnancy test and it's positive. So I think I'm pregnant, will you pick up another test just to double check?!"
I think his reaction went something like...
"WHAT?! Okay...."
So an hour or so goes by and he is finally home with another test.
I pretty much repeat what happened earlier, nothing too spectacular. And low and behold two blue lines again. Another positive test.
The husband and I are still feeling all these mix of emotions. I think most of the rest of the day was a blur, waiting for everything to just sink in.
We were going to parents.
Now what?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm going to be a blogger!!! Wait, is that the word?!

Well here I am.
Starting a blog. I really have no idea how this works, or who will read this.
I have always wanted to be a blogger but never felt I had anything important to blog about.
Now I do.
My husband and I are expecting our first bundle of joy in January!
I figured creating this blog would be a great way journal our experiences so we can look back and remember this exciting and extremely terrifying time in our growing families lives. It might even help prevent me from ever deciding to have another baby. Because as I have learned in my short experience of carrying a child, pregnancy is rough on a body and only the crazy ladies out there would ever have a desire to do this again!
This blog is partly for my own sanity, but I also hope that I can share with others my story of becoming a mom and hopefully gain some words of wisdom along the way.

Oh, just a heads up. I was planning to start this blog in May when I found out I was pregnant. So in the next day or so I am going to be playing catch up on some of what has happened since finding out I'm pregnant through the first trimester. It's true I am one of the worlds best procrastinator.